Cougar Dating in Texas Myths Busted

There are lots of cougar women in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and more of the Texas state. We hear so many negative things about cougar dating in Texas, that we don’t always know the difference between what is myths and what is the truth. And, this is why so many people are afraid to try cougar relationship between the older women and younger men. This is just because about all the myths around it. Here are some of the Texas cougar dating myths busted:

texas cougar

Cougar women prey on younger men and seduce them

This is one of the biggest myths that there is about cougar dating. This isn’t the truth at all. This is really the same as other, normal dating between two people with the same age. Just because those mature women is older than the men, they are getting a bad reputation.

Cougar women doesn’t prey on younger men and don’t seduce them. In fact, they also prefer that the men are the hunters that’s doing the hunting work.

Cougar dating relationships don’t last

People think that because the cougars are dating younger men, that these men are normally cheating on them. That they are only dating them for their money and that they still have a normal relationship at the side.
This isn’t the truth. There are some serious cougar cub relationships out there that last for years. And without any cheating from both parties. When cougar dating in Texas, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a cheating relationship.

Younger men is losing interest of the older women fast

Because younger men is dating cougars, people are thinking that this won’t last because the older women can’t make sure to keep the interest of the men. However, this isn’t the truth.

The facts are that older women has more life experience and will be able to keep the interest of men a lot better than younger women. The cougars know exactly how to keep the interest of men and how to make sure that they don’t start looking for other, more interesting relationships.

Cougars can’t have children anymore and the younger men will dump them, in order to get children

There are so many younger men that wants to have children, and they are normally dating women that is younger and able to give them children. Men that is dating cougars, know that the change of getting children is slim.

This is most of the time the men that doesn’t want to have children that’s dating cougars. Because they will know that the women won’t be able to fall pregnant and surprise them with a baby. Men dating women is aware of the fact that children won’t be possible.

There are so many myths about cougar dating in Texas, which people are starting to get confused about this type of dating. But, when you’re know the difference between the myths and the truth, you will notice that cougar dating is similar than normal dating. There are only one big difference. The younger men prefer older women and the cougars prefer younger men. These myths are not true and is giving cougar dating a really bad name.

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